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     Everest Lifted Trucks was founded in 2014 to solve the many issues we experienced first-hand with most lifted truck up-fitters. We saw that many up-fitters build mass-produced clones with cheap parts to cut cost. On top of it all, they back it with a mediocre warranty which leads to a poor customer experience. The Everest team quickly realized the market was lacking in quality-built truck backed by quality customer service. This all

lead to creating Everest, founded on the basis of serving each and every customer and dealership on a personal and individual basis. Everest believes that quality far exceeds quantity and that every customer should have the EXACT truck they want to last them as long as they want. This is why Everest builds a wide variety of trucks and keeps each truck fully customizable to the needs of the customer.

     Quality parts lead to a long-lasting build, which is why Everest Lifted Trucks uses nothing but quality products on every truck that is put on a lot. Customers should be able to enjoy an Everest truck for many years to come. All of this quality is backed by excellent customer service and an Everest warranty.

     Along with building fully customized new trucks, Everest also lifts pre-owned vehicles. This allows customers to lift the vehicle they already have instead of requiring the purchase of a brand-new vehicle. Everest wants to offer custom built trucks to any customer with any budget without compromising on quality- all in an effort to continually serve each customer with our utmost excellent service. At Everest Lifted Trucks we are passionate about what we do and display that passion through every single truck we build.

Keith Grimm
Everest Manager
Email - keithg@everestliftedtrucks.com
Cell 309-696-0537
Loren Shock
Everest Manager and Consultant
Email - lorens@everestliftedtrucks.com
Cell - 309-202-2519
Kent Wiegand
Everest Sales Manager
Email - kentw@lighthousegm.com
Cell - 309-445-0400
Brett Koch
Everest Parts Consultant
Email - brettk@lighthousegm.com
Cell 309-620-7872
Matt Grimm
Everest Sales Consultant
Email - mattg@lighthousegm.com
Cell - 309-696-6441
Jake Knapp
Everest Sales Consultant
Email - jknapp@lighthousegm.com
Cell - 309-573-7351
Dana Blunier
Expert Everest Technician
Email - danab@everestliftedtrucks.com
Cell -309-222-6010
Shawn Pumphrey
Expert Everest Technician
Email - shawnp@lighthousegm.com
phone- 309 266-1919
Dirk Musselman
Everest Service Coordinator
Email - dirkm@lighthousegm.com
phone- 309 266-1919
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