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About Us

Everest Lifted Trucks was founded in 2014 to solve the issues you were tired of seeing.  Up-fitters were mass-producing the same products with cheap parts, mediocre warranties, and poor customer service- all in the name of cutting costs. Our team realized that if we wanted to offer you the best possible product and service, we would need to do it ourselves. Everest has a passion to serve each customer and dealership on a personal

Everest Lifted 2020 GMC Sierra 2500HD Truck Hostile Wheels Nitto Trail Grappler Wheels BDS Suspensions Lift

and individual basis- to provide you with the exact vehicle you need. We focus on quality builds that will last, using quality products, excellent customer service, and our own Everest warranty. In addition to building you a fully-custom new truck, Everest also lifts pre-owned vehicles. You can lift your personal vehicle to create exactly what you need for what you do. We build trucks because we drive trucks; we are passionate about what you do and how we can serve you better. 

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